Brief Discussion: 0000 Buckshot VS 00 Buckshot

The terms 0000 buckshot and 00 buckshot refer to two types of shotgun shells. 0000 buckshot is the most giant shotgun shell available. And it is typically used for hunting large animals such as deer. 00 buckshot is a smaller size and is generally used for smaller games and home defense. 

Both types of shells are loaded with buckshot, a type of lead pellet. But the size of the shots varies depending on the shell type. Let’s discuss this in detail.


What Is Mean By 0000 Buckshot And 00 Buckshot?

0000 Buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition that contains pellets that measure .36 inches in diameter. It is often used for hunting large game, such as deer and bear, as it can cause a great amount of damage to the target.

00 Buckshot is a shotgun shell loaded with large pellets, usually .33 inches (8.38 mm) in diameter. It is generally used for hunting large game, self-defense, and law enforcement applications.

How Far Will 0000 Buckshot Travel?

A buckshot shell travels can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of buckshot, the size of the body, the type of gun and barrel, and the kind of choke used. 

  • Generally, 0000 buckshot can travel up to 50 yards when fired from a 12-gauge shotgun.

How Many Pellets Does A 0000 Buckshot 12-gauge Have?

A 12-gauge 0000 buckshot shell typically contains nine pellets. Each pellet generally is 0.36 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 0.33 ounces.


00 Buckshot VS 0000 Buckshot: A Tactful Comparison

00 Buckshot vs. 0000 Buckshot is a fascinating comparison. The two shotgun shells offer very different performance levels, with 00 Buckshot being the more powerful round. 

00 Buckshot:

00 Buckshot is a larger, more powerful shell designed for hunting big game.

  • It has a diameter of .33 inches and contains eight to nine pellets of .33 caliber.
  • When fired, the pellets spread out in a pattern, allowing for greater accuracy and stopping power than other rounds. 

0000 Buckshot:

0000 Buckshot, on the other hand, is a significantly smaller shell.

  • It has a .375 Diameter. 
  • The pellets spread out in a much tighter pattern than 00 Buckshot, making it better suited for close-range applications such as home defense. 

In Summary, 

00 Buckshot is the more powerful round, but 0000 Buckshot is better suited for close-range applications due to its tighter spread pattern.


Comparison Chart Between 0000 Buckshot VS 00 Buckshot

Subjects 0000 Buckshot 00 Buckshot
Size Extremely small pellets; 0.36” in diameter Medium pellets; 0.33” in diameter
Lead Pellet Count  8 To 9 9 To 16
Pellet Weight ~45 grains/pellet ~41 grains/pellet
Effective Range Up to 40 yards Up to 50 yards
Power Lower power Higher power
Uses Small game hunting, clay shooting, and pest control Deer hunting and larger game hunting, home defense
Penetration Low penetration High penetration
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Pellet Spread Tight Wider


What’s Better:  00 or 0000 Buckshot?

It depends on what you intend to use the buckshot for. 00 buckshot is typically used for hunting and home defense. In contrast, 0000 buckshot is generally used for larger game hunting and self-defense against large animals. 

  • 00 buckshot has larger pellets and is less likely to over-penetrate walls. And this quality makes it a better choice for home defense and hunting small to medium-sized games. The shots are larger and heavier, have more energy, and can penetrate deeper into the target. 
  • 0000 buckshot has smaller pellets. It is better for hunting large game, such as deer and bear. The smaller pellets of 0000 buckshot have less energy and are less likely to penetrate too deeply, reducing the chance of wounding the animal. But, it may not be a great choice for home defense since the pellets are more likely to penetrate through walls and cause collateral damage.


What Is The Biggest Point Buckshot?

The largest size of buckshot is “000” or “triple-aught,” which is made up of nine pellets measuring .36 inches in diameter. 

  • This size is commonly used for hunting large game such as deer or bear. 
  • The pellets are made of lead and are substantially larger than the smaller sizes of buckshot, such as #4, #1, or #0.


How Many Points Is A Good Size Buck?

The size of a buck is usually measured in terms of antler points. Generally speaking, a single is considered a good size if it has at least six points on each antler. 

Some states have specific regulations that define the minimum number of points a buck must have to be considered a legal kill. For example, in Ohio, a single must have at least four points on one side to be regarded as a legal kill.


Final Words

00 buckshot is slightly more effective than 0000 buckshot for hunting and self-defense purposes. 00 buckshot has more pellets and a larger shot size than 0000 buckshot. And that’s making it more likely to hit a target and cause more damage. 

However, 0000 buckshot is still a viable option for self-defense and hunting. And it may be better suited for some situations. But finally, the choice of which type of buckshot to use is up to the individual based on their needs, experience, and local laws.