#4 buck VS 00 Buck: Which One Is Used For What?

#4 buck and 00 bucks are both types of shotgun ammunition. #4 buck is a smaller-sized shot, usually between #6 and #1. It is typically used for hunting birds and smaller game. On the contrary, 00 buck is a larger size shot, usually between #2 and BB. It is used for hunting larger games such as deer or hogs.

Both types of ammunition are common for home defense, as well as for recreational shooting. Today I am going to discuss with about #4 buck vs 00 Buck and which may be better for what type of uses. Let’s reveal the facts together.


What Is #4 Buck?

#4 Buck is a type of shotgun ammunition that is used for hunting and target shooting. It is a shotshell loaded with approximately 1 1/4 ounces of lead shot. 

  • It is used for shooting small games such as squirrels, rabbits, and upland birds. 
  • It is commonly used for skeet, sporting clays, and trap shooting. Because of its relatively large size.
  • The #4 buck also has the potential to be used for home defense.


What Is 00 Buck?

00 Buck is a type of shotgun ammunition. It is usually referred to as “double-aught buckshot” and is composed of nine 00-sized pellets. It is one of the most common types of shotgun ammunition. Its name comes from its size, as each pellet is roughly the size of a US quarter (0.33 inches in diameter). It is usually loaded in a 12-gauge shell and has an effective range of around 40 yards. Its pellets are designed to spread out as they travel through the air.

  • It is used for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement purposes. 
  • As its pellets are spread out, making it an effective ammunition for close-range shooting.


Buckshot Size Chart:


Buckshot Size Pellet Count Pellet Diameter (Inches)
000 Buck 8 0.36
00 Buck 9 0.33
0 Buck 12 0.32
1 Buck 16 0.30
2 Buck 27 0.27
3 Buck 36 0.25
4 Buck 45 0.24


How Many Pellets In 4 Buckshot?

4 buckshot shells typically contain 27 to 32 pellets, depending on the size of the shell. A standard 12-gauge shell will typically contain 27 pellets, while a 20-gauge shell will contain 32 pellets.


#4 buck Vs 00 Buck: Difference Between Them

The main difference between #4 buck and 00 bucks is the size of the pellets they each contain.


#4 buck is a type of shotgun shell that contains small pellets. It is typically ranging in size from .24 to .36 inches in diameter.

On the other hand, 00 buck is a type of shotgun shell that contains larger pellets. It is typically ranging in size from .33 to .36 inches in diameter. 

Pellet Size:

The difference in pellet size is significant. As the #4 buck is generally considered to be better for shooting smaller games, such as birds and rabbits, while the 00 buck is better for shooting larger games such as deer or elk.

Stopping Power:

In terms of stopping power, 00 bucks are generally considered to be more effective than #4 bucks. This is because the larger pellets of 00 buck create larger wound channels, which can cause more severe trauma to the target.

  • As a result, 00 buck is generally more effective at stopping a target quickly and with greater efficiency.


The #4 buck is generally more effective than 00 bucks in terms of range. This is because the smaller pellets of #4 buck are more aerodynamic. So it can travel farther than the larger pellets of 00 buck.


00 bucks are generally more expensive than #4 bucks. This is because 00 buck shells contain more pellets. Thus they are more expensive to manufacture.


Is It Better To Shoot Does Or Bucks? 

The answer to this question largely depends on what your goal is. 

  • If you are looking to harvest the most meat, then it is generally better to shoot Does. Does typically weigh less than bucks and therefore provides a smaller amount of meat.

On the other hand, if you are looking for trophy-sized animals, then it is usually more beneficial to target bucks. Bucks typically grow larger antlers, and therefore the resulting trophy can be more impressive. 

  • Does often have a greater reproductive potential than bucks. Therefore, harvesting Does help to control the deer population in an area. 

In contrast, bucks may only be able to breed with a limited number of does. So targeting bucks can potentially reduce the effectiveness of population control. 


Finally, it is important to remember to abide by local hunting laws and regulations. Many states and provinces have specific regulations in place when it comes to harvesting the Does and Bucks. And these should be followed to ensure your hunting is legal.


What Choke Do You Use For Buckshot?

The most common type of choke for buckshot is a modified choke. This choke has a constriction of .020” to .035”. 

  • It provides a good balance between a tight pattern and enough spread for the larger buckshot pellets. 
  • This choke also helps to reduce felt recoil and maintain accuracy.


Do Slugs do More Damage Than Buckshot?

No, buckshot typically does more damage than slugs. Slugs are usually more accurate than buckshot and are better for longer-range shooting. But they do not have the same stopping power.



The #4 buck is typically used for small game hunting, while the 00 bucks is typically used for larger game and self-defense. And both types of shotshell can be used for a variety of applications. But in the end, the choice ultimately depends on the shooter’s preferences and the intended use.