Can a Pellet or BB Gun Kill Snakes?

When it comes to dealing with pests like snakes on your property, you need to find safe and effective methods. Yes, Pellet and BB guns are effective for pest control, but can they effectively eliminate snakes?

Today, I’ll evaluate the strength of Pellet and BB guns, their suitability for snake removal, caliber size  & ammo type, and explore alternative methods for dealing with these reptiles.

Can Pellet or BB Guns Kill Snakes?

Pellet and BB guns are air-powered firearms that shoot small projectiles. The power of these guns varies on the type, model, and ammunition used.

As they are primarily designed for target shooting, plinking, and pest control, they may not always be suitable for killing snakes effectively.

Pellet Gun:

High-power Pellet guns have the potential to kill snakes. They can deliver enough force to penetrate the snake’s skin and cause significant harm. Their effectiveness depends on several factors like the snake’s size and the type of pellets used.

  • Smaller snakes may be more vulnerable to pellet guns, while larger ones may not be stopped by a single shot.

BB Gun:

On the other hand, BB guns are generally less powerful than Pellet guns. Generally, a BB gun with low velocity, such as the spring-powered or CO2-powered models used for recreational shooting.

If you are using this, they won’t deliver enough power to provide a quick and humane kill when targeting a snake. The small round BB fire can cause only injury to snakes but will not provide enough stopping power.

Moreover, BBs are more likely to bounce off the snake’s scales which makes them unfit to use for this purpose. But it is still possible to kill smaller snakes with BB guns.

Pellet or BB Gun: Which Is Better? Which Type of Ammo Should Use?

It’s very important to choose the right type of gun and ammunition when you are dealing with snakes to ensure effectiveness.

You must know that it’s the rifle or gun that matters the most for strong shots. Now you understand it is better to use an effective Pellet gun if you have both options to consider.

Use a Proper Pellet Gun With Appropriate Ammo

Break-Barrel Pellet Rifles:

Break-barrel pellet rifles are popular choices for pest control due to their power and accuracy. Look for models that offer adjustable power settings and a caliber of .22 or .25. These calibers provide more stopping power for larger pests like snakes.

Spring-Piston or Gas-Piston Pellet Guns With .22 or .25 Caliber:

A Spring-piston or Gas-piston mechanism Rifle delivers substantial power. So, you should go for a .22 or .25 caliber for better performance against snakes.

Choose Hollow Point Pellets:

When using pellet guns for snake control, you should use Hollow Point Pellets. These pellets are designed to expand upon impact. So they can create a larger wound channel and increase the likelihood of a quick, humane kill.

.177 or .22 Pellet: Which One Is Strong Enough to Kill a Snake?

A .177 or .22 caliber airgun or pellet gun is typically sufficient for killing small to medium-sized snakes. These calibers provide enough power and accuracy for the task.

  • For airguns, a medium-powered gun with a muzzle velocity in the range of 500 to 1000 feet per second (fps) should be adequate for snakes.
  • You don’t need an extremely high caliber or gun strength for most common snake species, such as non-venomous or mildly venomous snakes.
  • Higher-powered airguns are necessary for larger species or longer shooting distances

.177 caliber pellets are relatively small and typically have lower kinetic energy compared to larger calibers like .22 or .25. Snakes have tough scales that can offer some resistance to smaller caliber pellets.

Though a .177 pellet gun can kill a snake, sometimes they don’t have sufficient power, especially with larger snake species.

  • Looking at all the perspectives, a .25 caliber Airgun, BB, or Rifle is even more effective for larger snakes.
  • Moreover, you must use hollow points or soft points, as they can enhance the stopping power and lethality of your shot.

Where to Shoot Snake When Using a .22 or .25 Pelllet?

A well-placed shot (might be a rat or snake short) to the head is the most effective way to dispatch a snake quickly and humanely. So, proper shot placement is important while using a .22 or .25 caliber pellet gun for snake control.

The preferred target area to aim for shooting a snake is its head. The brain and spinal cord are the primary targets, and a precise shot will ensure the snake is incapacitated instantly.

Is it possible to shoot a snake for instant death with a pellet gun? Yes, it is possible to shoot a snake for an instant and humane kill with a Pellet or BB gun if you use the right approach.

Here are key steps to ensure a quick and humane kill when dealing with a snake.

  • Use a pellet gun with a caliber of at least .22 or .25.
  • Use Hollow point or soft point pellets as they are designed to expand upon impact. These types of pellets are suitable for shooting snakes.
  • When you have a clear shot, aim for the center of the snake’s head.
  • Be accurate. Take your time to ensure an accurate shot. Rushing can cause missed shots and unnecessary suffering for the snake.
  • A typical range for accurate shooting with an airgun is within 10 to 20 yards (approximately 9 to 18 meters).
  • You can use a scoped Air Rifle to achieve more accuracy and increase the chances of a successful shot.
  • It’s important to practice shooting to become proficient with your airgun. Shooting accurately under pressure is essential when dealing with snakes.

Alternatives to Pellet and BB Guns for Snake Control

Though Pellet and BB guns can be used for snake control, they may not always be the most humane or effective option. In many cases, it’s better to consider alternative methods.

  • Snake Traps: Live traps can capture snakes without causing harm, allowing for their relocation.
  • Professional Snake Removal: Hiring a professional snake removal service ensures the safe and humane removal of snakes.
  • Preventive Measures: Preventive strategies like sealing entry points and reducing attractants can deter snakes from your property.

Safety Considerations

Safety should always be a top priority when using any firearm, including pellet and BB guns. To ensure a safe and responsible approach to snake control is given below.

  • Adhere to Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding firearms and pest control.
  • Use the Appropriate Ammunition: Select the right type of Pellets or BBs for your specific gun.
  • Aim with Care: Always aim away from people, other animals, and structures. Make sure you have a clear and safe backdrop.
  • Practice Responsible Shooting: Only shoot when you know your target and the area behind it.
  • Keep a Safe Distance: Maintain a safe distance from the snake to avoid injury. Snakes can strike if they feel threatened, so stay out of their striking range.
  • Eye Protection: Always wear safety glasses when handling or shooting these guns.

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Conclusion: Are BB or Pellet Guns Strong Enough to Kill Snakes?

Now you realize that a BB gun does not have the same potential to kill a snake compared to a pellet gun. because it may not be the most humane or effective method for dispatching a snake with a low-powered BB gun.

  • If you need to deal with a snake on your property and believe it poses a threat, you must use a more powerful and accurate airgun such as a pellet gun with a larger caliber (e.g., .22 or .25).

Before attempting to eliminate snakes, you should think about alternative and more humane methods of snake control. Always prioritize safety and adhere to local laws and regulations when using these firearms. If you’re in doubt, you must seek professional assistance for snake removal to ensure both your safety and the well-being of these reptiles.