Can You Shoot .380 In A 9mm Handgun?

The .380 and 9mm are two popular handgun calibers, but can you shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun? The short answer is no, you should not attempt to shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun. The two calibers are not interchangeable, and attempting to shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun can potentially cause serious damage to the firearm or bodily injury. So today, I’ll talk about the differences between the two rounds and why you should never attempt to shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun.

Difference Between 9mm and 380

The main difference between a 9mm and a 380 is the size of the bullet.

  • A 9mm is a larger round than a 380, with a diameter of 9x19mm while a 380 is .355 inches in diameter.
  • The 9mm bullet is also longer in length than the 380, measuring between 9.65mm and 16.2mm in length, compared to the 380 which is typically between 6.16mm and 7.82mm.

In addition, a 9mm round will typically have a greater muzzle velocity than a 380, with most 9mm rounds reaching speeds of around 1,200 feet per second. The 380 will typically reach speeds of around 950 feet per second. When it comes to stopping power, a 9mm round will generally have more penetration and expansion than a 380, making it more effective at stopping a target.

However, the 380 will still have sufficient penetration and expansion for self-defense purposes. Lastly, the cost of ammunition for the 9mm and 380 are both similar, but the 9mm is slightly cheaper, making it a more cost-effective choice.

380 vs 9mm Ammo: A Complete Compatibility Chart

Ammo Type 9mm .380
Bullet Weight 115-147 gr 85-95 gr
Muzzle Velocity 1200-1400 fps 950-1050 fps
Energy 350-400 ft/lbs 200-250 ft/lbs
Weight 115 grain 95 grain
Penetration 12-18 in 10-13 in
Diameter .355 in .355 in

Can You Shoot .380 In A 9mm Handgun?

No, you cannot shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun. The .380 caliber is a different size than the 9mm and is not compatible with a 9mm handgun. The .380 caliber is also known as 9mm Short or 9mm Kurz and is a smaller, less powerful round than the 9mm. As the two calibers are not interchangeable, should not be used in the same gun.

.380 ACP Cartridges Fire Out Of a 9mm Gun?

No, .380 ACP cartridges cannot be fired out of a 9mm gun. This is because .380 ACP is a smaller caliber than 9mm, and the two cartridges are not interchangeable.

The .380 ACP cartridge is slightly smaller than the 9mm, measuring 9mm x 17mm compared to 9mm x 19mm. The firing pin of a 9mm gun is too large to fit in the primer of a .380 ACP cartridge, and the chamber of a 9mm gun is too large to accommodate the .380 ACP cartridge. This means that attempting to fire .380 ACP out of a 9mm gun is dangerous and could result in catastrophic failure of the gun.

7.62×51 vs 308 Ballistics Chart: Difference Between Them

Let’s see a chat 7.62×51 vs 308 ballistics chart to get a clearer view.

Aspect 7.62x51mm NATO .308 Winchester
Bullet Diameter 7.82mm (.308″) 7.82mm (.308″)
Bullet Weight Varies Varies
Muzzle Velocity Varies Varies
Muzzle Energy Varies Varies
Bullet Type Varies Varies
Maximum Effective Range* Approximately 800 meters Approximately 800 meters
Trajectory Varies Varies
Recoil Moderate to High Moderate to High
Accuracy Varies Varies
Common Firearm Types Various rifles, including the M14, FN FAL, and G3 Various rifles, including bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles

Then Why Do Some People Shoot .380 Ammo In A 9mm Pistol?

Some people shoot .380 ammo in a 9mm pistol because the 9mm pistol is designed to handle the pressure of the .380 ammo, so it is safe to do so in some cases. Nevertheless, it is important to note that some pistols may not be designed to handle the additional pressure and could be damaged if the shooter uses .380 ammunition.

Furthermore, the performance of the pistol may be affected by the use of .380 ammunition. So it is important to consult with the manufacturer of the pistol before attempting to use .380 ammunition in a 9mm pistol.

Why Is 380 So Expensive?

The short answer is that 380 ammunition is expensive because it is not as popular or widely produced compared to other ammunition.

The manufacturing process for 380 ammunition requires the use of more expensive materials and components compared to other calibers, which drives up the cost. The cost of 380 ammunition also tends to be higher due to its limited availability and relatively small market size.

380 vs 9mm Ammo Availability:

The availability of 9mm and .380 ammo varies by location. Generally, .380 ammo is more widely available than 9mm ammo. This is because .380 is considered a self-defense round and is popular among concealed carry permit holders. This means that many stores have a greater amount of .380 ammo in stock than 9mm ammo.

In terms of price, .380 ammo is generally more expensive than 9mm ammo. This is due to the fact that .380 ammo is considered a self-defense round and is popular among concealed carry permit holders. This means that many stores have a greater markup on .380 ammo than 9mm ammo.

And in terms of availability, both rounds can be found online. Online ammunition retailers tend to have a wider selection of both rounds, as well as a wider range of prices.

Short Note

  • Availability at gun ranges, 9mm ammo tends to be more widely available than .380 ammo.
  • This is because 9mm is a more popular round for target shooting and competition shooting.
  • And this means that gun ranges tend to have a better selection of 9mm ammo than .380 ammo.

Will 380 Ammo Ever Be Available?

The availability of 380 ammo depends on a variety of factors. It is currently available in some areas, but its availability may depend on the particular retailer or ammunition store.

Many stores have limited supplies of 380 ammo due to recent increases in demand. Additionally, availability may depend on the specific type or brand of 380 ammo, as some retailers may focus on specific brands.

It is also worth noting that 380 ammo is increasingly difficult to find due to ammunition shortages that are currently affecting the market. In general, it is difficult to predict whether 380 ammo will ever be available. Demand for this type of ammunition is currently high and the market is unpredictable. It is possible that the availability of 380 ammo may increase in the future, but it is impossible to know for certain.

Why Are .380 Bullets Hard To Find?

The .380 ammo has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its small size and low recoil, making it a popular choice for concealed carry.

This increased demand has caused the supply of .380 ammo to become scarce, and finding it in stores can be difficult. Moreover, some manufacturers have stopped producing .380 ammo due to the low demand for the caliber compared to other popular calibers.

To Conclude

It is not advised to shoot a .380 in a 9mm handgun. Because the .380 is a smaller round and the 9mm handgun is designed to shoot 9mm rounds only. It is essential to use the correct ammunition for your firearm in order to ensure safe and reliable operation.