Everything You Need To Know: How To Disassemble Mossberg 500?

The Mossberg 500 is a popular shotgun among hunters and recreational shooters. It is also a favorite for home defense. Knowing how to disassemble your Mossberg 500 is essential for cleaning and maintenance, as well as for making repairs or modifications. So today, my guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly disassemble your Mossberg 500 and related comparison & facts.

Step-by-Step Guide To Disassembling A Mossberg 500

  1. Safety First: Make sure the gun is unloaded and the chamber is cleared. Remove any ammunition from the area before you begin.
  2. Prepare the Area: Have a clean, well-lit work area with plenty of room to move. Place a clean cloth or mat down to lay the parts on, and have cleaning supplies nearby.
  3. Remove the Stock: Unscrew the stock bolt located at the rear of the receiver. Pull the buttstock and recoil pad off of the receiver.
  4. Remove the Forend: Pull the Forend straight back off of the magazine tube.
  5. Remove the Barrel: Loosen the barrel nut located on the front of the magazine tube. Pull the barrel off of the magazine tube.
  6. Remove the Bolt and Bolt Slide: Pull the bolt assembly straight back out of the receiver. The bolt should slide out without any difficulty.
  7. Remove the Trigger Group: Unscrew the trigger guard screws located on the sides of the receiver. Pull the trigger group straight out of the receiver.
  8. Separate the Trigger Group: Separate the trigger group into its individual components.
  9. Reassembly: When reassembling, place the trigger group back into the receiver and secure it with the trigger guard screws. Reattach the bolt and bolt slide, then the barrel and forend. Finish by putting the stock and recoil pad back on.
  10. Clean and Lubricate: Clean and lubricate all of the parts of the Mossberg 500 before returning them to service.

Why Is The Mossberg 500 So Good?

The Mossberg 500 is considered to be one of the best shotguns on the market due to its combination of reliability, affordability, and versatility. This shotgun is known for being extremely durable and reliable in any situation. Its twin action bars, steel-to-steel lockup, dual extractors, and anti-jam elevator provide for a smooth and reliable operation.

  1. The Mossberg 500 is also very affordable and can be found for a fraction of the cost of some of its competitors. This makes it a great option for shooters who are on a budget.
  2. The Mossberg 500 is a very versatile gun, as it can be used for hunting, home defense, and competitive shooting.
  3. It can easily be customized with different stocks, barrels, and accessories to fit any need.
  4. The Mossberg 500 pump-action design makes it easy to use. And it is designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions.
  5. The gun is also designed with safety in mind, as it has cross-bolt safety and tang safety to provide an extra layer of protection.

All these features make the Mossberg 500 one of the best shotguns on the market.

Can You Modify A Mossberg 500?

Yes, a Mossberg 500 can be modified in a variety of ways. Some modifications include adding accessories such as optics, foregrips, adjustable stocks, and more. There are also aftermarket components that can be used to customize the look and feel of the gun.

How Many Rounds Will A Mossberg 500 Last?

Mossberg 500 shotguns are designed to be reliable and durable. Depending on the type of ammunition used and the frequency of use, a Mossberg 500 can last anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 rounds.

The most important factor in the longevity of a Mossberg 500 is the type of ammunition used.

  • Heavier loads such as birdshot and slugs will cause more wear and tear on the shotgun. So it should be used sparingly to maintain its longevity.
  • Light loads such as target and trap loads are easier on the shotgun and will extend its life.

It is also important to keep a Mossberg 500 clean and well-maintained.

  • Regular cleaning and lubrication of the moving parts can help to extend the life of the shotgun.
  • Using high-quality ammunition and avoiding overuse of the shotgun will also help to extend its life.

Why Is The Mossberg 500 Better Than Remington 870?

The Mossberg 500 is generally considered to be better than the Remington 870 for a number of reasons.

  • First, the Mossberg 500 is easier to take apart and clean, as it only has four parts. The Remington 870, on the other hand, has more than a dozen parts that must be taken apart and cleaned separately.
  • The Mossberg 500 also has a smoother action than the Remington 870, providing a more reliable and comfortable shooting experience.
  • The 500 has a tang-mounted safety, which is much easier to operate than the cross-bolt safety of the 870.
  • Finally, the Mossberg 500 is cheaper than the Remington 870. It usually retails for several hundred dollars less than the 870, making it a more budget-friendly option for those looking for a reliable shotgun.

Easy and Quick Tips For Disassembling A Mossberg 500

  • Make sure the gun is not loaded.
  • Check the safety to make sure it is on.
  • Unscrew the forend nut that is located on the underside of the forend.
  • Pull off the forend and slide it off the magazine tube.
  • Unscrew the large nut located at the rear of the receiver.
  • Unscrew the bolt handle and set it aside.
  • Remove the bolt from the receiver.
  • Lift the trigger assembly and the safety off the receiver.
  • Remove the magazine tube from the receiver and set aside.
  • Unscrew the barrel from the receiver.
  • Unscrew the action slide tube from the receiver.
  • Pull off the action slide tube assembly and set it aside.
  • Remove the stock from the receiver.
  • Reassemble the Mossberg 500 in reverse order.

Final Verdict

The Mossberg 500 is a popular shotgun used by many people for hunting, home defense, and other applications. Disassembling the Mossberg 500 is not a difficult process, but you need to follow all safety protocols when doing so. All parts should be handled with care and in a safe environment. Once the gun is disassembled, it should be properly maintained and cleaned to ensure its longevity and performance. Anyone can successfully disassemble a Mossberg 500 with the proper tools and knowledge as you see in my writing.