VFG Cleaning: How To Use VFG Cleaning Pellets?

To remove any remaining debris, or if your bore is dirty, you can use VFG Cleaning Pellets. It’s a handy tool that can be used in any caliber without damaging the bore. The mechanism is simple- insert the cleaning pellet from the muzzle end of the bore, and use a cleaning rod with a handle to push the shot through the bore. And the shell will remove any remaining debris and clean your bore. Today I’ll tell you more information about how to use VFG cleaning pellets. So let’s get it into the article.


What Does Cleaning Pellets Mean?

The pellets are made of various materials, including charcoal, clay, and sand. And it needs to be cleaned after a certain period. Cleaning pellets is the act of removing impurities from the pellets so that they can be used for fuel.

  • This can be done through various methods, including filtering, washing, and drying. Pellets are small, round pieces of wood or other materials used as fuel.

Cleaning pellets also means removing any dirt, dust, or other debris from them so they can be used more easily and efficiently.


What Are The VFG Quick Cleaning Pellets?

The VFG Quick Cleaning Pellets are designed to clean your firearm quickly and easily. The pellets are made of a special blend of materials that will remove carbon buildup and other debris from your firearm. The shots are also designed to leave a protective coating on your gun to help prevent rust and corrosion.


VFG Felt Cleaning Pellets

The VFG Felt Cleaning Pellets are small pieces of compressed felt that can be used to clean firearms.

  • The pellets can be used with a cleaning rod and patch to clean a firearm’s bore.
  • The shots can also clean other gun parts, such as a trigger assembly and bolt carrier group.

VFG Cleaning Pellets .177:

VFG cleaning pellets are .177 caliber pellets used to clean air guns. They are made of a soft material that will not damage your airgun. VFG Cleaning Pellets are small, round pellets used to clean the inside of a gun barrel.

  • They are inserted into the barrel and then fired, pushing out any debris that may be present.
  • The VFG Cleaning Pellets .177 are used to clean your airgun.


How To Use VFG Cleaning Pellets?

You should clean your bore after every 30 to 50 shots. You may need to clean your bore more frequently depending on the ammunition used and the environment in which the firearm is used. It would help if you also cleaned your bore after allowing your firearm to become wet. To clean your bore using VFG cleaning pellets:

  1.  Remove the magazine from your firearm and ensure the chamber is empty.
  2.  Unscrew the end cap from the VFG cleaning pellet.
  3.  Insert the cleaning pellet into the bore from the breech end.
  4.  Screw the end cap back onto the VFG cleaning pellet.
  5.  Insert the cleaning rod into the end cap.
  6.  Push the VFG cleaning pellet through the bore.
  7.  Remove the VFG cleaning pellet from the bore.
  8.  Repeat steps 3 through 7 until the bore is clean.
  9.  Remove the end cap from the VFG cleaning pellet.
  10.  Insert a dry patch into the bore.
  11.  Push the dry patch through the bore.
  12.  Repeat step 11 until the bore is dry.
  13.  Reassemble your firearm.

Note: VFG cleaning pellets can be used with all types, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.


Are Cleaning Pellets Any Good?

Cleaning pellets are a great way to get your gun clean without having to use any harsh chemicals. They are made of different materials depending on the manufacturer. However, they are all designed to remove dirt and debris from your gun.

Some of the more popular materials used in cleaning pellets include:

  • ABS plastic
  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • Rubber
  • Silicone



I have used VFG Cleaning Pellets to clean many rifles and pistols, which is my go-method for cleaning the bore. They are easy to use, and with a little practice, you can easily clean your bore in minutes. If you are looking for an alternative to using a cleaning rod, I highly recommend VFG Cleaning Pellets.