What Distance Are Glock Sights Set For?

Glock sights are set for a specific distance depending on the type of gun. Most Glock pistols come with factory sights that are set for a distance of 25 yards. However, some guns may have different distances depending on the model and type of sight. Moreover, users can adjust the sights to a different distance if they desire.


Is Glocks Accurate Out of the Box?

Yes, Glocks are generally considered to be accurate out of the box. The design of the firearm and the tight tolerances at which the parts are manufactured make for an inherently accurate weapon. Like any other firearm, accuracy can be improved through quality ammunition, proper maintenance, and practice.


What Distance Are Glock Sights Set For?

Glock factory sights are usually set up for a 25-yard distance. 

  • The front sight is typically set at 0.180 inches and the rear sight is set at 0.170 inches from the top of the slide. 
  • This gives you a 6.5mm sight radius, which is considered to be the optimal sight radius for accuracy.

At What Distance Does Glock Zero The Pistols?

Glock pistols are generally factory-zeroed at 25 yards. This means that the sights are adjusted so that the bullet will impact the target at 25 yards when aimed at a center mass target. 

The optimal distance for zeroing any pistol can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of ammunition used, the stability of the shooter, and the type of sights being used. Therefore, it is important to test fire the pistol at a variety of distances in order to find the optimal zero distance for the pistol.

How To Zero Glock 19?

  • Unload the Glock 19 and check it to make sure it is unloaded.
  • Ensure the gun is pointed in a safe direction and that your finger is off the trigger.
  • Attach a bore sight to the muzzle of the gun.
  • Look through the bore sight and adjust the elevation and windage screws until the laser is pointing at the center of the target.
  • Remove the bore sight and shoot a group of shots at the target.
  • Examine the target and adjust the sights further until the group is centered on the target.
  • Continue shooting groups until you are satisfied with the accuracy.


Is Glocks Sighted-In At The Factory?

No, Glocks are not sighted in at the factory. 

Most Glock pistols come with adjustable sights that allow the user to sight their pistol at their desired distance. The factory default sights are not regulated or sighted in for any particular distance. It is up to the user to adjust the sights to the desired distance and sight in the pistol.

How To Sight In Glock 48?

  • Begin by setting up a target at a distance of 25 yards.
  • Load the Glock 48 with your desired ammunition.
  • Place the gun in a stable position, such as on a shooting bench or a sandbag.
  • Sight in the gun by adjusting the rear sight and front sight until the bullets are hitting the desired point of impact on the target.
  • Once you have adjusted the sights to the desired point of impact, fire a group of 3-5 shots to ensure the accuracy of your adjustments.
  • If necessary, make further adjustments until the desired point of impact is achieved.
  • After you have finished sight-in, it is important to clean the gun to ensure accuracy and reliability.


But What Is 6 o’clock Hold Glock?

The 6 o’clock hold Glock is a shooting technique used by shooters to achieve a more stable and accurate shot. It involves placing the support hand below the slide of the gun. It is usually with the thumb at 6 o’clock and the fingers wrapped around the handle. 

  • This helps to steady the gun by providing a more stable base and helps to reduce muzzle flip when firing. 
  • It also helps to reduce the chance of injury from the slide moving back and forth during recoil.



The standard distance for Glock sights is typically 25 yards. However, if you have a specific application for your Glock, such as target shooting. But it is good to have your sights adjusted to the specific distance that you will be shooting from.