BB Gun & Raccons: Will A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Raccoons are a common nuisance animal in many parts of the United States. While they can be cute and cuddly, they can also cause property damage, create a mess, and spread disease. Because of this, many people are tempted to use a BB gun to try and get rid of unwanted raccoons. But is this really a good idea? This article will answer the question, “Will a BB gun kill a raccoon?” You will also find out the potential risks and dangers of using a BB gun to try and get rid of raccoons, as well as the potential legal ramifications in my writing.


What Is A Gun: Its Usability & Benefits?

A gun is a weapon that fires projectiles through the use of rapidly expanding gasses produced by chemical reactions.

  • Guns are typically designed to be handheld, but can also be mounted on a vehicle or tripod.
  • They can be used for hunting, target shooting, self-defense, and military operations.


Guns are used for a variety of purposes, from hunting and sport shooting to self-defense and law enforcement. There are a variety of types of guns, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns. Depending on the type of gun, it can be used for hunting, sport shooting, personal protection, law enforcement, and military uses. Guns are also used in some countries for ceremonial purposes. 

  • In the United States, the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms.
  • However, this right is regulated by federal, state, and local laws, which vary by jurisdiction.
  • The laws generally restrict the types of firearms that can be owned and where they can be used. 

In general, most states require a license to purchase, own, or carry a gun, and most states require a background check before the sale of a firearm. In addition to the legal restrictions, gun owners should also be aware of safety considerations when using guns.

  • Guns should only be used in a safe and responsible manner,
  • And gun owners should be familiar with the safety protocols for their specific type of firearms.


  1. The primary benefit of owning a gun is personal protection.
  2. It can be used to deter an attacker or intruder.
  3.  And in the worst-case scenario, they can be used in self-defense.
  4. Guns can also be used for hunting, target shooting, and other recreational activities.


Will A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

No. BB guns are not capable of killing a raccoon. They are designed to shoot small pellets at low velocities and typically won’t even penetrate the thick fur of a raccoon. 

  • It is also illegal to use a BB gun to hunt any type of animal, including raccoons.
  • Additionally, shooting a raccoon with a BB gun is highly inhumane and can result in extreme suffering.

How Powerful Is A BB Gun?

BB guns can range from relatively weak to quite powerful. Generally, the power of a BB gun is measured in feet per second (FPS). 

  • A BB gun with an FPS of 500 or less can be considered relatively weak, whereas a BB gun with an FPS of 500 or more can be considered quite powerful.

What Kind Of BB Gun Will Kill A Raccoon?

It is not recommended that you use a BB gun to kill a raccoon. Because Raccoons are protected under the law in most areas. So shooting them with a BB gun in those areas is not considered a humane or safe method of removal.

Will A CO2 BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

No, CO2 BB guns are also not powerful enough to reliably kill a raccoon. You should not attempt to use a CO2 BB gun to hunt or kill a raccoon.

Where To Shoot To Kill A Raccoon With A BB Gun?

Shooting a raccoon with a BB gun is not recommended due to the risk of injury or death to the animal. 

  • If you must shoot a raccoon with a BB gun, aim for the shoulder or neck area.
  • Make sure to take proper safety precautions, such as wearing eye protection,
  • And remember, shooting in a safe direction away from people, pets, and property.


What Are Some Efficient Raccoon Guns?

  1. Air Rifle:  An air rifle is a great option for hunting raccoons, as it is light and easy to carry.
  2.  Shotgun:  Shotguns are an effective choice for hunting raccoons, as they can shoot multiple pellets at once and have a long effective range.
  3.  Air Gun:  An air gun is a great choice for hunting raccoons, as it is light and easy to carry. It can also be used to shoot multiple pellets at once.
  4.  Rimfire Rifle:  Rimfire rifles are an effective choice for hunting raccoons, as they are powerful, accurate, and have a long effective range.

Best Gun To Kill Raccoons:

The most effective gun to kill raccoons is a .22 caliber rifle. This is because the .22 caliber round is a small, light round. Therefore, it can deliver a lethal blow to a raccoon while still minimizing the risk of ricochets and other collateral damage.

  • It is also important to use the correct ammunition as some rounds are more effective than others at killing raccoons.

What Air Rifle Will Kill A Raccoon?

Raccoons can be difficult to hit accurately. And an air rifle is not powerful enough to reliably kill a raccoon.

  • Additionally, it is illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits. So it is not a safe option for urban areas. 
  • The most humane and effective way to remove a raccoon from your property is to hire a professional animal control specialist.


How Many FPS Does It Take To Kill A Raccoon?

The answer to this question depends on the type of weapon being used. If a firearm is being used, most experts recommend aiming for a minimum of 1,000 FPS (feet per second) for humanely killing a raccoon.

What Is Meant By FPS In Firearms?

FPS stands for feet per second, which is a measure of the velocity of a bullet when fired from a firearm. It is typically measured in feet per second (fps). 

  • The higher the fps, the faster the bullet will travel.

Will A 1000 FPS Pellet Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Yes, a 1000 FPS pellet gun could kill a raccoon. But it depends on the size and type of pellet, and the size and health of the raccoon. However, it is possible for the pellet to penetrate the skin and organs of the animal, causing it to die from blood loss and/or organ damage. But this is an unhuman approach, of course.

It is important to note:

However, this type of hunting of any animal with a pellet gun is inhumane, and it is illegal in some areas. Additionally, if a raccoon is not killed instantly, it could suffer a long, slow, and painful death.


Therefore, it is best to avoid using a pellet gun to hunt raccoons. And contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center for help with these nuisance animals.

Will A 1200 FPS Pellet Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Yes, it is possible that a 1200 fps pellet gun could kill a raccoon, depending on the size of the pellet and the accuracy of the shot.


What Would Happen If I Shot A Raccoon With A Nerf Gun?

Shooting a raccoon with a Nerf gun would not be a humane way to deal with the animal. Because most of the time it could potentially cause unnecessary pain and suffering. Furthermore, it is illegal to harm raccoons in some areas by laws.

  • If you are having a problem with a raccoon, you should contact a wildlife specialist for advice on how to humanely remove the animal from your property.


Can A 177 Pellet Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Yes, it is possible to kill a raccoon with a 177 pellet gun. Pellet guns, also known as air guns, are typically powered by either a spring-piston or a compressed gas such as CO2. 

  • The pellets they fire can range in size from 4.5mm to .177.
  •  The power of the gun can range from low-powered BB guns to high-powered hunting rifles. 
  • The .177 pellet is the most popular size for hunting and target shooting and can be very accurate and powerful.

The .177 pellet is capable of killing a raccoon if it is shot in the right spot. The most effective way to kill a raccoon with a .177 pellet is to aim for the head or heart. 

  • The .177 pellet is not very large, so it is important to place the pellet in the right spot for it to be effective.
  • A .177 pellet also has enough energy to penetrate through a raccoon’s fur. Thus it can still be effective even if the pellet is not perfectly placed.

It is also essential to remember that shooting a raccoon with a pellet gun can be dangerous. Becasue-

  • The pellet can ricochet off of objects, and the muzzle velocity of a .177 pellet can cause serious injury if it strikes a person. 
  • Also, be aware of local laws and regulations, as some areas may restrict the use of air guns for hunting.


Is It Illegal To Kill A Raccoon On Your Property?

Actually, the answers depend on the state or country’s laws. Yes, killing a raccoon on your property is illegal in most circumstances. 

  • In many states, it is illegal to kill any animal without a permit.
  • Additionally, in some states, it is illegal to kill any wild animal without a permit, even if it is on your property.

If you have a raccoon on your property and would like to remove it, you should contact a wildlife removal expert to help. Because killing a raccoon may also result in a fine or jail time, depending on the circumstances.


Before The Closing

In conclusion, it is not recommended to use a BB gun to kill a raccoon. While a BB gun may be able to kill a raccoon in certain circumstances, it is more likely that it will only injure the animal And that is resulting in a prolonged and painful death. Additionally, there are many other more humane and effective methods of dealing with raccoons in your area. So it is the best thing to apply those strategies or methods.