00 Buckshot VS 000 Buckshot: Complete Comparison

00 Buckshot and 000 Buckshot are two of the most popular shotgun rounds used in hunting and self-defense. Both are popular and powerful options, but they vary in size, performance, and cost. This article will discuss the differences between the two types of ammunition and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Buckshot and Its Types

Buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition that consists of multiple spherical pellets. The pellets disperse in a spreading pattern when fired from a Shotgun and increasing the chances of hitting a target. Buckshot is often designated by a shot size, such as 00 or 000, which refers to the diameter of the individual pellets.

Buckshot is effective at close to moderate ranges. It offers potential stopping power and the ability to deliver multiple hits on a target. It is commonly used for hunting larger game, such as deer or wild boar, for self-defense, and law enforcement purposes where the spread of pellets can increase the likelihood of hitting an assailant.

The effectiveness of buckshot can vary depending on factors such as the specific shotgun, choke used, distance to the target, and the individual load. Shotguns designed for firing buckshot typically have a gauge and chamber size appropriate for the specific load.

Different Types of Buckshots

There are different types of buckshot available, each with its characteristics and intended uses. Here are some common types of buckshot.

  • 00 Buckshot: This is one of the most widely used buckshot types. It typically consists of nine pellets that are approximately 0.33 inches (8.38 mm) in diameter. This buckshot is effective for self-defense and hunting medium to large games.
  • 000 Buckshot: 000 buckshot is larger than 00 buckshot. It typically contains eight pellets that are approximately 0.36 inches (9.14 mm) in diameter. The larger pellets offer increased stopping power and deeper penetration, making them suitable for hunting larger games.
  • #4 Buckshot: #4 buckshot is smaller than 00 and 000 buckshot. It consists of approximately 21 pellets that are around 0.24 inches (6.09 mm) in diameter. #4 Buckshot is often used for self-defense and hunting small to medium-sized games.
  • 0000 Buckshot (4-Buck): This is one of the largest buckshot sizes available. It usually consists of four pellets that are approximately 0.38 inches (9.65 mm) in diameter. 0000 buckshot is primarily used for hunting large, thick-skinned games or for specialized applications requiring maximum penetration.
  • Reduced Recoil Buckshot: This type of buckshot is designed to have lower recoil compared to standard buckshot loads. It is often used in self-defense applications, allowing for more manageable recoil while still providing effective stopping power.
  • Magnum Buckshot: Magnum buckshot loads are manufactured with increased powder charges, resulting in higher velocities and potentially greater downrange energy. They are often used for hunting larger games or in situations where increased power is desired.

Buckshot Spread Chart for Your Conveniences

Distance (yards) Spread Diameter (inches)
5 10-15
10 20-25
15 25-30
20 30-35
25 35-40
30 40-45

What Is Mean By 00 Buckshot And 000 Buckshot?

00 buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition that consists of small pellets, each measuring .33 inches in diameter. It is commonly used for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement.

000 buckshot is a type of shotgun shell that fires nine .36 caliber pellets. It is often referred to as 000 buckshot, also known as a “triple-aught buck”, or “triple-zero” buckshot. The 000 buckshot is one of the most powerful shotgun shells used for hunting and target shooting.

Which One Is Good for Home Defense: 00 Buck Or 000 Buckshot?

When it comes to home defense, it is important to choose the right type of ammunition to ensure the best possible outcome. Buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition that consists of multiple pellets in one shell.

  • 00 buckshot is the larger of the two types available, typically containing 9 pellets of .33 caliber or larger. In contrast, 000 buckshot typically contains 8 pellets of .36 caliber or larger. 

In terms of home defense, 00 buckshot is generally recommended as the best option. This is because-

  • The larger pellets of the 00 buckshot will cause more damage to the target.
  • 00 buck provides better-stopping power than the smaller pellets found in the 000 buckshot. 
  • Additionally, the pellets of 00 buckshot are less likely to over-penetrate walls and other barriers, reducing the risk of collateral damage. 

In Summary:

00 buckshot is generally the better choice for home defense due to its larger size, greater stopping power, and lower risk of over-penetration.

00 Buck VS Slug: Which One Is Better for Home Defense?

It depends on the situation.

A slug is generally considered to be better for home defense due to its increased stopping power. The slug, a large single projectile, is more likely to penetrate walls and other barriers and has more knock-down power than buckshot. However, buckshot has the advantage of a larger spread, meaning it can cover a wider area and is more likely to hit the target.

For most home defense scenarios, a slug is the better choice. It’s essential to remember that slugs are significantly more powerful than buckshot, so there is an increased risk of over-penetration. Any shots that miss the target could penetrate walls and put innocent bystanders at risk.

When choosing between a slug and a buckshot for home defense, it’s vital to consider the situation.

  • If you have the luxury of shooting in a controlled environment, then the slug is generally the better choice. If the situation is more chaotic.
  • And if you don’t have a good line of sight, buckshot may be the better choice as it has a greater chance of hitting the target.

How Many Pellets Does A 000 Buckshot 12-gauge Have?

A 000 Buckshot 12-gauge shell typically contains nine .36 caliber pellets. To put it another way, a 000 Buckshot 12-gauge shell contains nine .36 caliber lead balls. Each of these pellets has a diameter of .36 inches, and the total combined weight of the nine pellets is usually around 437 grains. Due to the size of the pellets, a 000 Buckshot 12-gauge shell is often referred to as “triple-aught” or “triple-oh”. This type of ammo is most commonly used for hunting large game, such as deer, and can also be used for self-defense.

Pellets In 000 Buckshot:

000 buckshot is commonly referred to as “triple-aught” buckshot and is made up of 8 pellets. Each pellet is .36 caliber in size and weighs approximately 56 grains.

00 Buckshot VS 000 Buckshot: Which One Is Better?

Both 00 Buckshot and 000 Buckshot are popular shot sizes for shotguns, and both are effective for hunting and self-defense. 

  • The main difference between the two is the size of the pellets. 

00 Buckshot:

00 Buckshot is the most common size of buckshot. It is made up of nine pellets that measure .33 inches in diameter. 

  • It is a good choice for hunting medium-sized games like deer and for self-defense. 
  • It is also very effective for home defense, as the pellets spread out in a pattern that can stop an intruder. 

000 Buckshot:

000 Buckshot is made up of eight pellets that measure .36 inches in diameter. This makes them larger and heavier than 00 Buckshot. 

  • That’s why it is a better choice for larger games, such as wild boar, and self-defense. 
  • The pellets spread out in a larger pattern, making them more effective for close-range shooting.


  1. Both 00 Buckshot and 000 Buckshot are excellent choices for hunting and self-defense. 
  2. The size of the pellets will determine which size is best for the specific application. 
  3. Generally speaking, 00 Buckshot is best for hunting medium-sized games and self-defense, while 000 Buckshot is best for larger games and self-defense.

Difference Between 00 Buckshot and 000 Buckshot

Aspects  00 Buckshot 000 Buckshot
Size 00 Buckshot is usually a lead pellet with a diameter of .33 inches. 000 Buckshot has a diameter of .36 inches.
The Number Of Pellets 00 buckshot usually has a total of 8 to 9 pellets per shell. 000 buckshot usually contains 6 to 8 pellets per shell.
Power 00 buckshot has greater power and penetration than 000 buckshot. Little less.
Range 00 buckshot has a range of up to 50 yards. The 000 buckshot has a range of up to 35 yards.
Recoil 00 buckshot has more recoil than 000 buckshot, due to the greater power. Less recoil.
Cost 00 buckshot is typically more expensive. Reasonable.
Uses 00 buckshot is best used for hunting large animals and self-defense. 000 buckshot is best for hunting smaller animals and target shooting.

But Which Is Bigger: 00 or 000 Buckshot?

000 buckshot is bigger than 00 buckshot. Because the pellets of 000 buckshot are .36″ in diameter compared to the .33″ diameter of 00 buckshot.

What Is The Most Powerful Buckshot?

The most powerful buckshot is the Federal Heavyweight TSS. This buckshot is loaded with .35 caliber tungsten alloy pellets. It can deliver more than double the energy of traditional lead buckshot. This makes it an ideal choice for hunting large game such as deer and bear.

What Can You Hunt With 000 Buckshot?

000 buckshot is a type of shotgun ammunition that is typically used for hunting large game. 

  • It is capable of taking down deer, wild boar, black bears, and even elk. 
  • It is also suitable for hunting turkeys, waterfowl, and other small to medium-sized games, such as rabbits and squirrels. 
  • When hunting large game, 000 buckshot is effective at ranges from 30-50 yards depending on the size of the game animal. 
  • When hunting small game, 000 buckshot is best used at ranges of 10-25 yards.

Then What’s Better:  00 Buck Or 000 Buckshot?

The answer to this question depends on what you plan to use the buckshot for. 

Generally, 00 buckshot is the more popular choice for most applications. It is slightly larger (not bigger) than 000 buckshot and has more pellets per shell (usually around 8-9). And that quality makes it better for close-range shooting and hunting. It also has more stopping power, meaning it can penetrate further and cause greater damage to the target. 

On the other hand, 000 buckshot is slightly smaller than 00 buckshot and has fewer pellets per shell (usually around 6-8). This makes it better suited for longer-range shooting and smaller game hunting. Because the individual pellets will spread out more and be less likely to miss the target. It also has less stopping power than 00 buckshot, meaning it will cause less damage to the target.

When it comes to power, the bigger 000 buckshot generally delivers more energy upon impact compared to the 00 buckshot. This is because the larger pellets retain more mass and carry more kinetic energy, potentially resulting in deeper penetration and greater stopping power.

  • Ultimately, the choice between 00 and 000 buckshot comes down to the intended application and personal preference.

What Caliber Is 00 Buck and 000 Buck?

Buckshot is not typically referred to by caliber, as it is a type of shotgun ammunition that consists of multiple pellets. However, the size of the individual pellets used in buckshot is often designated by a specific “shot size” classification rather than a caliber.

In the case of 00 buckshot, each pellet is approximately 0.33 inches (8.38 mm) in diameter. The designation “00” refers to the size of the pellets, with double-zero indicating a relatively large size.

000 buckshot is also known as triple-aught, it is typically loaded in a 12 gauge shotgun. It is the largest buckshot available and consists of 9 pellets measuring 0.36 inches (9.14 mm) in diameter. The designation “000” signifies that the pellets are even larger than those in 00 buckshot.

Shotguns that are designed to fire 00 or 000 buckshot typically have a corresponding chamber size to accommodate the length of the shells containing the larger pellets.

How Many Grains Is 00 Buckshot & 000 Buckshot?

Buckshot is not typically measured in grains, as grains are a unit of weight commonly used for measuring the weight of bullets and other projectiles. Instead, buckshot is typically measured by its pellet size or diameter, as discussed earlier.

However, if you are interested in understanding the weight of a single pellet of 00 or 000 buckshot, it can vary depending on the material used (such as lead) and the specific load. The weight of each pellet is generally measured in ounces or grams, rather than grains.

For reference, a typical 12-gauge 00 buckshot load consists of 9 pellets, with each pellet weighing approximately 53-60 grains (3.4-3.9 grams). The exact weight may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific product.

In the case of 000 buckshot, which has larger pellets. The weight of each pellet can range from around 70-86 grains (4.5-5.6 grams). Again, these weights are approximated it can vary between different manufacturers and loads.

What Is The Deadliest Shotgun?

The deadliest shotgun on the market is the Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. This shotgun is in use by the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy Seals, and many other elite military and law enforcement units. 

  • It is a semi-automatic shotgun that fires 12-gauge shells.
  • It features a unique Auto-Regulating Gas System that allows it to cycle reliably in any condition without the need for manual adjustments. 
  • It also features a Picatinny rail for mounting optics, a synthetic stock, and a pistol grip for improved ergonomics. 
  • Benelli also contains a removable magazine with a capacity of seven shells.

Yes, the Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun is a powerful and reliable weapon. And it is sure to deliver superior performance in the most demanding situations.

Buckshot Spread Chart for Your Conveniences

At What Distance Is A Shotgun Lethal?

The effective range of a shotgun varies depending on the type of shotgun and the type of ammunition used. 

  • For example, a 12-gauge shotgun firing a standard 2.75-inch buckshot load can be lethal at distances up to about 50 yards.
  • But a 20-gauge shotgun firing a 3-inch magnum buckshot load can be lethal up to about 75 yards.

How Far Can You Shoot a Deer With Buckshot?

The effective range of buckshot for hunting deer is typically between 25 and 40 yards. And the pellets begin to spread out too much beyond that range to ensure a clean shot.

What Is The Point of a Sawed-Off Barrel?

A sawed-off barrel is a gun barrel that has been shortened by cutting off a section of the barrel, usually to less than 18 inches or 46 cm in length. 

  • It can also refer to a barrel that has been shortened to a shorter length than the original manufacturer intended. 
  • Sawed-off barrels are commonly used in firearms that are intended for close-range shooting, such as shotguns and rifles.


The main advantage of a sawed-off barrel is that it is much easier to handle and maneuver than a full-length barrel. 

  • The shorter barrel makes it easier to aim and fire the weapon in close quarters, such as a home or office. 
  • The shorter barrel also reduces the overall weight of the weapon, making it easier to carry and transport. 
  • The shorter barrel also gives the shooter more control over the weapon, allowing them to fire more accurately.

Concealed Carrying Gun:

Sawed-off barrels are also used for concealment purposes. Because a shorter barrel is much easier to hide under a coat or in a bag, so less detectable. This also makes it easier for a shooter to carry a concealed weapon.

  • Sawed-off barrels can also be used to make certain weapons more powerful.

Some Relevant Queries

Is It Better to Shoot Does or Bucks?

The decision to shoot does or bucks is largely determined by personal preference and local regulations. In general, it is better to shoot if your hunting area is experiencing an overpopulation of deer. 

  • This helps to control the population and maintain a healthy balance. 
  • If the population is healthy, then either does or bucks may be taken.
  • But it depends on what the hunter is hoping to achieve.

What Choke Is Commonly Used for Buckshot?

The most common type of choke used for buckshot is a modified choke. This choke has a constriction of around .020 inches. It is designed to give an even pattern of a shot at medium range. 

  • This type of choke will typically produce a pattern that is about 30 inches in diameter at 40 yards. 
  • A full choke can also be used, but it will produce a tighter pattern at a closer range.

Do Slugs Do More Damage Than Buckshot?

No, buckshot does more damage than slugs.

Slugs are a single projectile and can cause significant damage. But buckshot is a spread of multiple, smaller projectiles. And it causes more widespread damage than a single slug.

Final Words

The most powerful type of buckshot available, due to its larger pellet size and larger spread. It is best used for hunting large game, or for home defense. And 00 Buckshot is still a powerful round, but it is not as powerful as 000 Buckshot. Nevertheless, 00 bucks are best for smaller games or target practice.