How Do You Adjust the Rear Sight on a Glock?

Glock pistols are widely known for their accuracy and reliability. But having your sights properly adjusted is key to getting the most out of your shooting experience. Adjusting the rear sight on a Glock pistol is a relatively easy process that can be done with just a few common tools. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of adjusting the rear sight on a Glock pistol.


What Types Of  Sights Are Installed On Glock Pistols? 

Glock pistols feature a variety of sights that are designed to improve accuracy and target acquisition. Most Glock pistols are equipped with fixed sights, while others have adjustable sights. 

Fixed Sights:

Fixed sights are the most common type of sights found on Glock pistols. These sights are mounted directly to the slide and are not adjustable. 

  • They feature a white dot on the front sight and a white U-shaped notch on the rear sight.
  • This type of sight is suitable for close-range shooting and personal defense.

Adjustable Sights:

Adjustable sights are slightly more complex than fixed sights, as they allow the user to adjust the point of aim. There are two main types of adjustable sights used on Glock pistols. 

  • The first is the dovetail sight, which is mounted to the slide with a dovetail cut. It features a white dot on the front and a white U-shaped notch on the rear. 
  • The second type is the ghost ring sight, which is a larger, adjustable rear sight. It allows the user to quickly acquire their target.

Night Sights:

Night sights are designed to allow the user to see their target in low-light conditions. These sights typically feature a bright green or yellow luminescent dot on the front sight and two small, luminescent dots on the rear sight. This allows the user to quickly and accurately acquire their target in low-light conditions.

Laser Sights:

Laser sights are a popular option for Glock pistols. These devices project a laser beam onto the target, allowing the user to quickly acquire their target. 

  • Laser sights are typically mounted to the frame of the pistol and are activated by a pressure switch.

Red Dot Sights:

Red dot sights are a type of electronic sight that projects a red dot onto the target. These sights are very popular for target shooting. They allow the user to quickly and accurately acquire their target. The dot is typically adjustable in size and brightness.


Do Glock Sights Need To Be Adjusted?

No, Glock sights typically do not need to be adjusted. Glock sights are set from the factory and designed to be ready to use out of the box. But if the shooter wishes to adjust the sights, they can do it.

Can You Adjust Glock Fixed Sights?

Yes, fixed sights on Glocks can be adjusted. The Glock fixed sights are designed to be adjustable. Furthermore, it can be adjusted with a small screwdriver or a punch.

Are Glock Rear Sights Adjustable?

Yes, some Glock rear sights are adjustable. Many Glock models come with adjustable rear sights, and they are typically adjustable for both windage and elevation. 

  • To adjust the windage, the user can loosen the two screws on the rear sight
  • After that, slide the rear sight left or right before tightening the screws again. 
  • To adjust the elevation, you can loosen the center screw on the rear sight and then turn the rear sight up or down before tightening the screw again. 


Important To Adjust The Sights On A Glock Pistol

  1. First, make sure your Glock pistol is unloaded and no ammunition is present.
  2. Remove the magazine and inspect the chamber and magazine well to ensure the gun is empty.
  3. Check the sights on the Glock. The rear sight can be adjusted for windage and the front sight can be adjusted for elevation. 
  4. To adjust the rear sight, remove the rear sight adjustment tool from the Glock tool kit. And after that, insert the tool into the rear sight slot and turn the screw clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the rear sight left or right.
  5. To adjust the front sight, remove the front sight adjustment tool from the Glock tool kit. Insert the tool into the front sight slot and turn the screw clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the front sight up or down.
  6. After the sights are adjusted, reassemble the Glock and check to ensure the sights are properly aligned. 
  7. Finally, test the gun at the range to ensure the sights are properly adjusted for accuracy.


How Do You Adjust The Rear Sight on a Glock?

Manual Method

With the pistol unloaded and pointed in a safe direction-

  • Rotate the rear sight adjustment tool clockwise to move the point of impact up and to the right. 
  • Rotate the tool counter-clockwise to move the point of impact down and to the left.

With A Glock Sight Tool

With the pistol unloaded and pointed in a safe direction-

  • Insert the Glock sight tool into the back of the rear sight. 
  • Move the sight in the desired direction by turning the tool clockwise or counterclockwise. 

Take Your Glock To A Gunsmith    

You can also take your Glock to a gunsmith to adjust the rear sight. The gunsmith is able to accurately adjust the sight to the desired point of impact.


And How To Adjust Glock Front Sight?

Before adjusting the sight, make sure the firearm is unloaded and all ammunition is removed from the area.

  • Now place the Glock in a vice or on a stable surface.

You can use a gunsmith’s screwdriver into the notch at the rear of the front sight and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it.

  • Gently tap the screwdriver until the sight moves in the direction you wish.
  • After that, tighten the screw and remove the screwdriver.
  • Finally, aim the gun at a target and make sure the sight is adjusted to your preference.


But How To Change Sights Glock 43?

  • Ensure that the gun is unloaded and the magazine is removed.
  • Use a small screwdriver to remove the rear sight screw.
  • Carefully lift the rear sight off of the slide.
  • Place the new rear sight onto the slide, making sure it is aligned properly.
  • Secure the rear sight with the screw.
  • Repeat the process for the front sight.
  • Test the sights to ensure proper alignment.


Are All Glock Sights The Same Height?

No, Glock sights are not all the same height. Depending on the model of Glock and the type of sights installed, they can range from 0.165″ to 0.250″ in height. 

  • For example, the factory Glock sights on a Glock 19 are 0.165″ in height, while many aftermarket sights are 0.250″ in height.

What Is The Standard Glock Rear Sight Height?

The standard rear sight height for most Glock models is 6.1mm (0.240in) measured from the top of the slide to the top of the rear sight. 

  • The rear sight consists of a U-shaped notch.
  • And the back of the notch is slightly higher than the front notch.
  • This design allows for a better sight picture and faster target acquisition.

What Are The Most Accurate Glock Sights?

The most accurate Glock sights depend on the shooter’s preference. But some of the most popular and accurate sights are night sights, fiber optic sights, adjustable sights, and red dot sights. 

  • Night sights are a popular choice among shooters because they are bright and easy to see in low-light conditions. They typically use three dots: one for the front sight, one for the rear sight, and one for the center of the target. The dots are usually illuminated with tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and are very durable. 
  • Fiber optic sights are popular. They allow the shooter to see the front and rear sights clearly and easily in most lighting conditions. They are usually made from thin fibers of plastic or glass that absorb light, making the sight glow in bright conditions. 
  • Adjustable sights are also popular for competitive shooting because they can be adjusted for windage and elevation. This feature allows the shooter to fine-tune the sights to their exact needs and improve accuracy.
  • Red dot sights are becoming increasingly popular among Glock shooters. These sights use a red laser dot to indicate the point of aim. They are very fast to acquire and offer a wide field of view. Red dots are often used in competitive shooting. Now they are becoming more popular for self-defense and hunting. 

Finally, no matter which type of sight you choose, it is important to practice with them. So that you can become familiar with their features and use them effectively.


Is A Red Dot On A Glock Worth It?

Whether or not a red dot sight on a Glock is worth, it depends on the type of shooting you plan to do and your individual preferences. 

  • Many people find that the addition of a red dot sight enhances their accuracy when shooting at longer distances. And it can also help speed up target acquisition. 
  • But the installation of the red dot sight can be expensive and some people find that it isn’t necessary. 

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to install a red dot sight on a Glock is up to you.


Related Queries:

What Does RMR Sight Mean?

RMR stands for “Reflex Miniature Red Dot Sight”. This is a type of firearm sight that uses a small red dot to indicate the point of aim. It is commonly used on handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Can You Adjust The Elevation On Glock Sights?

Yes, many Glocks come with adjustable elevation sights. However, some Glock models come with fixed sights and cannot be adjusted.

Can You Adjust Glock 19 Sights?

Yes, you can adjust the sights on a Glock 19. If you are not familiar with firearms, you may want to have a qualified gunsmith do the work.


Final Say

The process of adjusting the rear sight on a Glock is relatively easy and straightforward. It requires only a few tools and minimal time to complete. With proper care and attention to detail, you can adjust the rear sight of your Glock to the desired position and accuracy. If you are unsure of the process, you can always refer to the instructions in the owner’s manual or seek assistance from a qualified gunsmith.