Bore Sighting: How Much Does It Cost To Bore Sight A Gun?

Bore sighting is a process that is necessary when a gun has been moved or when the sights have been adjusted. It is an important step for any shooter to ensure that their gun is properly sighted in. The cost to bore sight a gun can vary depending on the type of gun and the complexity of the sighting process. 

Today I am going to discuss all bore sightings including various methods of bore sighting, their benefits, cost, when & how to do bore sighting in your firearms, and so on relevant things. Now, let’s start our discussion.


What Is Bore Sighting Exactly?

Bore sighting is the process of aligning the sights of a firearm with the barrel of the gun. It’s used to help the shooter more easily determine where their shots will land on the target. 

  • The process involves aiming the gun at a target and then adjusting the sights until the barrel of the gun is pointing in the same direction as the sights. 
  • This can be done with a laser bore sight, which is a device that fits into the gun’s barrel and projects a laser dot onto the target. 
  • It can also be done with a special type of tool or fixture that fits into the barrel. Sometimes the tools use a series of mirrors to reflect a laser onto the target. 

Bore sighting is most often used when sighting in a rifle or other long gun. But it can also be used to sight a handgun.


Why Is Bore Sighting Important?

Bore sighting is an important step in the setup process of any firearm. It is used to align the sights of a gun with the barrel so that the bullet will impact the target at the same point that the sights are aiming at. 

  • This ensures that the gun is properly zeroed and ready for use. 
  • It also helps to confirm that the sight, scope, or other optics are properly mounted and functioning correctly.

Bore sighting is a relatively simple process that can be done without the need for specialized tools. 

  • It involves looking through the bore of a gun and sighting in on a target. 
  • The shooter then adjusts the sights until the crosshairs are in line with the bore.
  • This allows the shooter to adjust the windage and elevation of the sights to match the path of the bullet when it is fired.

Bore sighting is important because it helps to ensure that a gun is properly zeroed before it is used. 

  • Without bore sighting, a shooter may have difficulty accurately hitting targets at long distances. This is especially true when using a scope or other type of optical sight.
  • Without bore sighting, the shooter may need to make multiple adjustments to the sights to get them properly aligned with the barrel. And this can be time-consuming and require a lot of trial & error.


Benefits Of Bore Sighting Your Gun

Improved Accuracy: 

Bore sighting your gun will help you make sure that your gun is correctly zeroed in and that the sights are lined up with the bore. This will help you shoot more accurately and consistently.

Increased Confidence: 

Knowing that your gun is accurate and zeroed in will give you greater confidence in your shooting abilities. Moreover, it can translate into improved performance in competitions and hunting situations.

Easier Sight Adjustments:

Bore sighting will help you determine how your sights need to be adjusted to get the correct zero. This makes it easier to make any necessary adjustments without wasting ammunition.

Faster Sight Adjustments:

Once you’ve bore-sighted your gun, you can make any necessary sight adjustments in a fraction of the time. This is especially useful in competitions where time is of the essence.

Cost Savings: 

Bore sighting your gun can help you save money by allowing you to make accurate sight adjustments before you ever shoot a round. It can also help you avoid wasting expensive ammunition on misaligned sights.

Improved Safety:

Bore sighting can help you ensure that your gun is zeroed in and that your sights are properly adjusted. This is important for improved safety. Furthermore, it can help you avoid potential accidents.


When To Bore The Sight Of Your Gun?

Bore sighting should typically be done when you first get a gun or you change out the optics on your gun. Because it helps you to get the scope in the ballpark of where the bullet will go.

Bore sighting helps to get the scope approximately zeroed in so that you won’t have to make too many adjustments when you go to the range. The actual process of bore sighting is fairly simple and can be done without a lot of special equipment.

  • First, you will need to make sure that your gun is unloaded and safe. 
  • Next, you will need to mount the scope on the gun. Once the scope is mounted, you will need to set up a target at a known distance. 
  • After setting up the target, you will need to look through the bore of the gun and line it up with the target. 
  • When the bore is lined up with the target, you can then look through the scope and adjust the reticle to match the target. 
  • Once the reticle is lined up with the target, you can then move to the range to make any final adjustments.

Yes, as you see, a Bore sighting is a great way to get your gun zeroed in. And it can save you a lot of time and hassle at the range.


Various Methods Of Bore Sighting

Laser Bore Sighting: 

Laser bore sighting is the most popular and accurate method for bore sighting a scope. It involves attaching a laser bore sight to the end of the barrel and aiming it at a target. 

  • The laser bore sight is then adjusted until it is aligned with the center of the target.
  • Once aligned, the scope is then adjusted until it is aligned with the laser bore sight. 
  • This method is the most accurate way to bore sight a scope, as there is no guesswork involved.

Optical Bore Sighting:

Optical bore sighting is a less accurate, but still useful method of bore sighting a scope. 

  • It requires looking through the scope and adjusting it until the crosshairs of the scope are aligned with the center of the target.
  • This method is less accurate than laser bore sighting, as there is more guesswork involved.

Bullet Drop Compensator: 

A bullet drop compensator (BDC) is a device that can be used to bore sight a scope. It is a simple device that is attached to the barrel of the firearm. 

  • It is designed to help the shooter adjust the scope to account for the bullet’s trajectory. 
  • This method is less accurate than laser or optical bore sighting. But it can still be useful in certain situations.


A Boresighter is a simple device that can be used to bore sight a scope. It consists of a light source that is attached to the barrel of the firearm.

  • It is designed to help the shooter adjust the scope to align with the target. 
  • This method is less accurate than laser or optical bore sighting.


How Much Does It Cost To Bore Sight A Gun?

Bore sighting a gun typically costs between $10 and $35. The cost of bore sighting depends on the type of firearm, the type of bore sighting system used (optical, laser, or magnetic), and the complexity of the sighting process. 

  • Bore sighting a handgun or a rifle with an optical system typically costs between $10 and $15. 
  • On the other hand, bore sighting a rifle with a laser bore sight system can cost between $20 and $35. 
  • Additionally, some gunsmiths may charge an additional fee for their services.

How To Get the Most Accurate Bore Sight For Your Gun?

  • Choose the Right Bore Sight:  The first step in getting the most accurate bore sight for your gun is to choose the right bore sight for your gun. This will depend on whether you have a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. And make sure to choose a bore sight that is specifically designed for your type of firearm. 
  • Adjust the Bore Sight:  After selecting the right bore sight for your gun, the next step is to adjust the bore sight to the correct position. It can be done by adjusting the windage and elevation settings on the bore sight. But be sure to use the same settings that you would use when sighting in with live ammunition.
  • Use Quality Batteries:  Another important step in getting a more accurate bore sight is to make sure that you are using quality batteries. Because the low-quality batteries can cause the bore sight to malfunction and give inaccurate readings.
  • Calibrate the Bore Sight: After the adjustment of the bore sight and replacing the batteries, it’s time to calibrate the bore sight. And this can be done by firing a few shots at a target to test the accuracy of the bore sight. For this, you must fire the shots from the same distance as you are going to shoot from with live ammunition.
  • Make Adjustments:  Once you have fired a few shots and checked the accuracy of the bore sight, make any necessary adjustments to the windage and elevation settings. It may involve adjusting the screws on the bore sight.
  • Re-Calibrate:  After making any adjustments to the bore sight, the next step is to re-calibrate the bore sight. Again, this can be done by firing a few shots at a target to check the accuracy of the bore sight.
  • Repeat Process:  The last step is to repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the accuracy of the bore sight. Once you are satisfied, you are ready to begin shooting with live ammunition.

And How To Save Money on Bore Sighting Your Gun?

  1.  Select a laser bore sight instead of a physical bore sight. 
  2.  Check for discounted laser bore sights online. 
  3.  Ask around for advice on the best laser bore sight for your gun. 
  4.  Buy supplies like batteries and cleaning kits in bulk. 
  5.  Do the bore sighting yourself instead of taking it to a gunsmith. 
  6.  Look for instructional videos online to help you with the process. 
  7.  Make sure you have the correct tools and equipment before starting the bore sighting process. 
  8.  Use a gun rest or other support when bore sighting.


How Do I Bore Sight A Gun Using A Laser Bore Sighter?

  • Make sure that your gun is unloaded and that the area around you is safe.
  • Place the laser bore sighter into the barrel of your gun. It should fit snugly.
  • Turn on the laser bore sighter.
  • Point the gun in a safe direction and look through the sights.
  • Adjust the laser bore sighter so that the red dot of the laser is centered in the sights.
  • Move the gun back and forth and up and down to make sure that the laser dot is centered in the sights.
  • Once the laser dot is centered, you can move the gun to the target.
  • Adjust the sights until the target is centered in your sights.
  • Fire a few rounds to make sure that the gun is still accurately sighted.
  • Turn off the laser bore sighter and remove it from the barrel.

But How Accurate Are Laser Bore Sighters?

Laser bore sighters are generally very accurate when it comes to pre-sighting a rifle. It comes with most worthy lasers being accurate within 1-2 inches of the target at 100 yards. 

But you have to be careful that laser bore sighters do not eliminate the need for proper range sighting. As they are not able to account for windage or elevation changes.


Is A Bore Sight Worth It?

Yes, a bore sight is worth it.

  • Bore sights are designed to save time when sighting a rifle by providing a rough approximation of where a rifle will shoot. 
  • By using a bore sight, it is possible to get the rifle on paper quickly and accurately. After that, you can refine the sights or scope to achieve a perfect zero. 
  • Bore sighting also ensures that the shooter is starting with the most accurate alignment possible. 
  • The time invested in bore sighting is minimal but the benefits are great.

How Long Does It Take To Bore Sight?

Bore sighting typically takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the gun, the type of scope, and the skill of the shooter. The process involves aligning the scope’s reticle with the bore of the gun. But a laser bore sighter can make this process faster and easier.

  • Already, I have told you how you can sight a gun with a laser Bore Sighter.

Once you are done with bore sighting, it is important to take the gun to the range and fire a few shots. This activity will help you to confirm the proper alignment of the scope with the bore. Also, it will ensure that the scope is accurately zeroed and ready for use.

Will Bore Sighting My Gun Guarantee That I Will Hit the Target?

No, bore sighting your gun will not guarantee that you will hit the target accurately. Bore sighting will only get you on the paper but also help you to adjust your sights to zero in on the target. But you will still need to practice shooting earning the ability to hit the target consistently.

How Far Can You Bore Sight A Gun?

Bore sighting a gun can be done at a distance of up to 75 yards. Beyond this, the bullet will start to drop out of the line of sight. And the accuracy of the bore sight will start to diminish.


How Do I Bore Sight A Gun Using The Naked Eye?

  1. Check that the gun is unloaded and use a gun vise or a secure shooting rest to stabilize the gun.
  2. Identify a distant target at least 100 yards away.
  3. Aim the gun at the target and adjust the sights until the barrel is pointing directly at the target.
  4. Keeping the gun pointed at the target, adjust the sights until the crosshairs are centered in the middle of the target.

Checking The Right Alignment:

Fire a test shot at the target to check if the sights are correctly aligned. If the shot does not land in the center of the target, adjust the sights accordingly until the desired accuracy is achieved.



What Bore Sight Does The Military Use?

The military typically uses a laser bore sight, which is a device that projects a laser beam onto a target at a predetermined distance. They usually use these devices to quickly and accurately zero in their weapons for improved accuracy during live fire exercises.

Is Red Or Green Bore Sight Better?

It depends on the type of firearm and the environment. Red bore sights are more visible in low light conditions, while green bore sights are more visible in daylight.

What Sights Does Swat Use?

Swat uses a variety of sights, including red dot sights, holographic sights, scopes, and iron sights. The type of sight used depends on the shooter’s preference and intended use.

Can Police Use Red Dots On Pistols?

Yes, police officers may use red dots on pistols as Red dot sights are becoming increasingly popular in law enforcement. Also, they allow for faster target acquisition and more accurate shooting on pistols.    

What Sight Do The Marines Use?

Marines typically use night vision goggles or binoculars. Because it helps them see in dark or low-light conditions.


Final Saying

The cost of bore sighting a gun can vary greatly depending on the type of gun, the gunsmith’s labor costs, and the tools and equipment required to perform the task. 

Generally, bore sighting a gun can cost anywhere from $25 to $75, with more specialized or complicated guns costing more. It is important to research your local gunsmiths to find the most competitive rates, as well as to ensure that the gunsmith is experienced and certified. That’s all for now. Good Luck!